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If you have tried to purchase a web hosting service in the past, you are more than aware that these options typically come with a premium – making it expensive to start your online page without a discount. Luckily, Bluehost offers a wide range of services which are budget-friendly, even without using one of their many coupon codes.

Coupons & Deals

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering that Bluehost had said that one of its goals is providing both novices and pros with affordable services –regardless of the size of their business either. To make good on their promise, Bluehost introduced discount offers, like the one seen here, offering up to 75% discounts on hosting – in addition to a free domain. Moreover, on special occasions such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, prices can go as low as 80% off. That’s particularly good for new start-ups, and considering their quality assurance and money-back guarantee, you’re pretty much in safe hands!

Bluehost review

Bluehost has maintained its name as a leading web solution service provider since its inception in 2003, becoming one of the 20 largest web hosts currently available in the marketplace. Collectively hosting in excess of 2 million domains, the company has been tirelessly working on creating innovative solutions which fall in line with their core mission: empowering users to harness the web thoroughly.

In addition to providing comprehensive methods and tools for novices and pro users worldwide, Bluehost holds admirable core values surrounding openness, tenacity, and most importantly, providing excellent customer services and success. Having maintained their entrepreneurial energy from the start-up days of the company Bluehost is inspired by a deep respect for “open sources” –having evolved into one of the most used and loved platforms for developers and designers throughout the globe.

There’s not much that can go wrong by choosing these clean and ingeniously optimised platforms that offer users like you enhanced performance, ease-of-use and speed by utilizing augmented services such as Drupal, Concrete5, and WordPress.

Interested in more? You should be because this comprehensive review will tell you everything there is to know about Bluehost, and the reasons for which you’ll want to take advantage of their generous discount codes and promotions!

Market comparison

Market analysis and in-depth evaluations have also suggested that Bluehost is one of the cheapest web hosting service providers, and that doesn’t even account for the use of their coupon discounts. But what truly separates this company and the reason for its multitude of positive reviews is the fact that quality has always remained their top priority.

We have personally not come across a company able to provide free domain hosting along with other top-notch services at a starting point of only $3.49, which is damn cheap. To cut to the case, if you want to see a return on investment on these otherwise highly expensive services, go out and try one of Bluehost’s hosting options!

Shared hosting

A shared web hosting service relates to setting many websites on one web server which is then connected to the Internet. Considered as the most budget-friendly option for hosting, this service cost is typically chosen by companies that have limited financial allocation for hosting –as the expense is amortized over a wide range of customers.

There are two main types of hosting: IP-based and name-based, although some of Bluehost’s services allow for a creative mix of the two kinds. Nonetheless, when talking about shared services, it’s essential to be aware that providers such as Bluehost are typically responsible for managing services such as installing security updates, server software, arranging technical support, or many other aspects relating to the chosen service.

This process is imperative since the system administration is shared by much more than one user and you can spot the potential benefits for those entrepreneurs who don’t have the adequate knowledge or time to deal with these otherwise minor details. By contrast, if you are used to controlling each aspect of your hosting experience, shared hosting might be a hindrance to both your ego and your end goal. In other words, this type of service is not appropriate for users who already possess extensive software development knowledge.

Additionally, you should note that shared hosting features other limitations such as usage limits. While shared hosting allows users to benefit from primary web statistics support, email management, updated PHP, and MySQL, essential after-sale technical support, or auto-script installations, more advanced options will be lacking in your monthly subscription.

While this type of hosting is typically cheaper than others (i.e., cloud hosting or dedicated server hosting), you should be aware that many hosting companies use their own developed control panel for managing subscriptions. Although this might work to your advantage, we have seen controversies surrounding web companies selling their rights of control panel usage to other businesses. This dispute can lead to patent infringements and potential lawsuits, but everything we’ve so far seen with Bluehost points to no cause for concern.

The main positives of Bluehost Shared Hosting:

Unlimited Emails

Shared hosting allows you to create and controls unlimited email accounts, with advanced features granting you management of IMAP support, spam protection, account filters, secure POP3, in addition to specific unique user account controls.

Controlled Domains

The domain manager used by Bluehost makes it easy to purchase, track, transfer, update, and oversee all of your domains –and they’re all in one place for easy recognition. Whereas the primary account can help with any elemental aspects of your business, the Plus and Business Pro versions allow for unlimited add-on and parked domains, subdomains, in addition to domestic and international areas –all within an affordable package price.


Bluehost separates itself from its competitors by creating daily, weekly, and even monthly backups of accounts. This process leads to peace of mind and the guarantee that your data and information is firmly and safely secured. If that wasn’t enough of an advantage, you could seamlessly restore any missing data with the click of a mouse. Otherwise, use the PRO backup service for the restoration of big chunks of data (i.e., databases or specific files).

VPS Hosting

In comparison to shared hosting services, Bluehost’s next-generation VPS Web Hosting solutions allow for a higher degree of flexibility, control, and power in managing accounts. Using SSD storage which is built on private servers from the ground up, there are specific original features which could amaze you.

First and foremost, you should know that a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is basically a virtual machine sold by an Internet hosting service as a solution for consumers. In comparison to shared hosting, VPS runs using its own unique copy of an operating system (OS), where users such as you can have a higher degree of management and operation (i.e., the ability to install almost any necessary software that runs alongside the OS system). You may often hear that VPS services are functionally equivalent to dedicated physical servers, and that’s because they are substantially easier to create, manage, and configure –after all, they are software-defined.

Therefore, if you need services which help with more extensive websites that have quite a decent amount of traffic, you should shy away from shared hosting. In comparison, choose a VPS or dedicated hosting service, one that can help you achieve your online goals. You might find that these high-spec or premium alternatives don’t typically have a coupon discount; however, if you dig well and deep enough, there is a chance that you’ll find one on Bluehost.

Nonetheless, there are certain downsides to this service as well, as performance might be substandard due to the servers sharing physical hardware with other VPSs –ultimately it will depend on the workload and the power of the other virtual machines involved.

The main positives of Bluehost VPS Hosting:

Increased Performance

As we’ve previously mentioned, Bluehost loves open source technology, and their VPS services are no exception. Using services such as KVM or OpenStack and KVM, Bluehost offers a virtual private server which is seamlessly easy to use and extremely powerful. The goal is to combine excellent performance and speed, and considering that their servers use state-of-the-art components, they are exceeding expectations.

Guaranteed Resources

Optimizing user experience is imperative for the core values that the company prides itself on. Therefore, they are known for using high-performance components such as KVM hypervisor in order to guarantee that your resources will be available at all times –regardless of when you need them.

Instant Provisioning

It’s a reality that many VPS services can take hours or even days to activate, and this can put an increasing number of users off the thought of purchasing them. By contrast, Bluehost offers VPS servers which allow for immediate provision –taking a couple of seconds or maximum a couple of minutes.

Bluehost’s competitive service is a superior and indispensable step for allowing you to use your server the very moment you need it, not having to worry or stress out about losing potential clients or business.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is, in fact, the latest form of hosting, one that has increased in popularity during the past couple of years. Bluehost is just one of the leading examples of companies that have understood its potential, offering incredible discounts and promoting it –for a good reason. Cloud hosting follows the concept of “Divide and Rule”, where the resources needed for the maintenance for a website are widely spread across more than solely one web server, thus reducing the risk of any downtime –should a server malfunction for any reason. If the term “cloud” confuses you, there is an easy way to look at it: since the website doesn’t simply rely on one server, it is safe in the hands of a cluster of servers that work together; thus the name of “the cloud”.

Another aspect which may peak your interest is the fact that cloud hosting can allow you to manage workloads more efficiently, reducing the annoyance of bandwidth issues since another server can directly jump in and provide it with the additional resources it needs when facing that situation.

A bonus of cloud computing relates to the ability to meet your organizational goals with ease. While conventional hosting services feel the need to lock companies down in contracts which can potentially last a year or more, Bluehost’s cloud services can easily be purchased on a month-to-month basis, meaning that you can end a service whenever it is convenient to you and your business.

The main positives of Bluehost Cloud Hosting:


Not many users can positively say that they understand their site’s performance with ease. In comparison to traditional models which make you want to pluck your hair one by one, Bluehost’s cloud hosting is equipped with straightforward and useful dashboards that allow users to quickly view usage trends, uptime, download seeds, global reach, and many other features. Additionally, due to an intuitive and innovative resource management, the need to worry about your website collapsing can be a thing of the past –no more traffic spikes either.

More efficient

There is probably nothing that can put users off more than having to wait for a page to load, at least for more than a couple of seconds. In this increasingly modern world in which we expect things to go at the speed of light, Bluehost delivers. Using premium hardware and low-density servers their competitive platform makes use of a global CDN and a caching layer that helps servers stay directed towards your computational needs.

Free staff time

It’s a pretty well-known fact that IT staff members are commonly busy with basic tasks such as managing, dealing, and maintaining potential issues that users uncover along the way. While this is all part of the job, there are other aspects of your business on which IT staff could focus on –thus, freeing up their time is imperative. In addition to infrastructure services, Bluehost’s cloud computing offers management services that substantially decrease the amount of time that staff spends on dealing with minor details.

Safer to use

One of the main points that users are concerned with is reliability. With cloud hosting, your data and information are automatically mirrored across three devices, meaning that security of sensitive information can be safer than ever. There is a contingency plan as well because if hardware problems occur at any point, there is a failover technology capable of automatically ensuring that at least one copy is available for use –while the other two will be worked on and rebuilt.

WordPress hosting

Nowadays blogging is everywhere, and both writing enthusiasts and seasoned companies are using blogging platforms as a way to earn a living. WordPress hosting can be viewed as a hosting service which is specifically tailored to WordPress websites. To put things into perspective, what Bluehost can offer you is a custom-fitted dress or suit which will fit your unique needs and requirements, instead of picking the first piece of clothing you find while blindfolded!

Yes, you might be wondering why Bluehost is the way to go when talking about WordPress hosting, but the answer is quite simple: the two companies have been closely working together since 2005 to create a hosting platform tailored to WordPress websites. This means that Bluehost easily gets the thumbs up from WordPress concerning their efforts and performance capabilities.

This is surprising, to say the least, especially considering that WordPress is one of the most popular blog administration and content management systems in the world. Taking this into consideration, to select Bluehost as the primary solution for WordPress related needs is quite impressive, and there is a reason for it. According to experts, Bluehost has an easy-to-use interface with functions which are simple to understand and follow. Among these, you can find domain management, account settings, billing information, 24/7 support –all reachable by using the control panel.

The main positives of Bluehost WordPress Hosting:

1-click WordPress Installation

Long be gone the times when you had to go through a lengthy installation process –Bluehost offers a one-click installation which makes it incredibly simple to start building your website immediately.

24/7 WordPress Support

It’s essential to have a helping hand around the corner, especially when first starting out. Offering 24/7 support, Bluehost’s experts are available on live chat, email, or even telephone.

Money-Back Guarantee

Because the company is this confident in their service, they want you to try them and love them; otherwise, you’ll be provided with a refund within 30 days of having signed up. This option is another clear example that Bluehost is most interested in their customer’s satisfaction and success rather than making a quick dollar.

True Scalability

We can’t stress out how important it is to have realistic expectations when building a start-up. With Bluehost, you can start small and then work your way up as your business and customer base grows as well. Offering the ability to migrate accounts to a dedicated or VPS service in just one-click, the company even has an enhanced and intuitive interface –you can manage your own websites, emails, and domains.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting, otherwise known as a dedicated server or managed hosting service, is a hosting alternative in which companies such as Bluehost lease an entire server –housed in a secure data center. In addition to providing server equipment, the company is responsible for supply and contribute to administration services, all while allowing you, the user, for increased flexibility and versatility.

In comparison to the shared server arrangement we’ve previously discussed, dedicated hosting allows you and your organization for full control over the server, the security system, and its accompanying software.

Depending on which dedicated service option you choose, they can be quite budget-friendly, especially when looking for Bluehost’s massive discounts. Regardless, quality is a guarantee, as Bluehost uses RAID level 1 support on their servers. In other words, all their drivers are mirrored, allowing for the protection of data –even sensitive information. It’s noteworthy to know that most dedicated servers don’t allow for this mirrored feature, making this alternative highly superior.

The main positives of Bluehost Dedicated Hosting:

Extreme Speed

Using the latest technology, Bluehost guarantees that each server is entirely custom-built in-house by their engineers. If you’re wondering what technology they use, the answer should be obvious: the company loves open-source alternatives such as OpenStack –allowing for the flexibility to upgrade the performance of servers over time.

Instant Provisioning

It might come as a shock to find out that the majority of medicated solutions can take hours or days to activate. By contrast, Bluehost’s servers make use of technology that allows them to be used immediately, following your schedule rather than the other way around.

Root Access

Advanced users can gain full access and management of their servers using the upgrades control panel.

24/7 Dedicated Support

As previously mentioned, having a dedicated support team that specializes in dedicated hosting can prove an advantage in many cases –especially in the event of a troubleshoot.

Free domain

If you choose to register a domain with Bluehost when signing up for a hosting account, you should note that there is a small charge which is non-refundable. However, that tiny cost is designed to not only cover their costs and expenditure but to ensure that your domain name is safe and cannot be taken away from you.

In fact, regardless of which hosting service you choose, you will be more than able to manage it on your own. Whether you decide to transfer it after a period of inactivity, to modify something along the way, or to point it elsewhere due to a change in circumstances, it’s all up to you. Whatever the reason, YOU retain ownership of that domain until the end of its registration or until you choose to extend your Bluehost service.

If you’re unaware of what a domain is, a Domain Name System (DNS) is a more accessible term used for defining the naming structure of a web page or web server. Similar to an international phone number, a DNS gives a server or page a more memorable address, hiding any technical IP addresses which may look suspicious or get in the way. After all, not many users are interested in seeing the IP addresses on a site.

By contrast, a domain name that companies like Bluehost can help you choose are human-friendly and can be seen as a more easy-to-remember alternative to the conventional IP address. For example, if you were to type in a domain name such as, the search result would come up with a root domain name –acting like a Webster dictionary and pointing you to the IP address corresponding to that domain name.


We rarely see a webpage which is this helpful and comprehensive when it comes to providing answers to its customers. Yes, we were aware that Bluehost takes great pride in offering excellent customer service, but this goes above and beyond. For example, on their website you can find a vast knowledge base filled with guides, how-to, instructions, articles, or answers to frequently asked questions. In fact, if you have a problem but don’t feel like picking up the phone, odds are you will find the answer you’re looking for.

If you’re searching for advice that needs to be tailored to your unique set of circumstances, Bluehost also offers a free consultation with one of their web experts, being able to help you along the journey of reaching your online goals. With over eight different numbers to call depending on your question, the ability to send an email or use the live chat, there’s not much more than you could ask from a business.

Let’s not forget about the fact that Bluehost support is available 24/7, meaning that even if you wake up in the middle of the night and spot a problem, there will be somewhere ready to answer your queries and offer you some much-need advice.


Bluehost is one of the largest 20 web hosting providers, and they have the capability of offering a free domain registration and competitively priced hosting services –especially when combined with one of their many unique promotions. We can’t help but mention that their services are versatile –available for investors such as entrepreneurs, website owners, service providers, and many others. In fact, even WordPress recommends Bluehost as the best choice for your WordPress hosting needs.

There is no denying that in recent years a large number of companies have risen from the ground and have offered web hosting services, and this can confuse users, especially new timers. Regardless of the business you’re in or are planning on building; web hosting is a critical factor in your success. Possibly the best thing to consider is reviews from other customers, and Bluehost has a long list of satisfied clients –especially those that saved more than a couple of bucks.

There’s no compromise on quality, and their standards can meet your needs. Controlling over 2 million websites from all over the world and proving to be a market leader for over ten years, you’re in good hands!

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