Rank Web Host Performance Overall Rating Price From Plans
1 Bluehost 10/10 10/10 100% $2.95 /mo See plansMore Info
2 A2 Hosting 10/10 9.9/10 96% $3.92 /mo See plansMore Info
3 Dreamhost 10/10 9.9/10 96% $2.59 /mo See plans
4 Hostgator 9.5/10 9.8/10 96% $2.75 /mo See plans
5 GoDaddy 9.5/10 9.8/10 95% $4.00 /mo See plansMore Info
6 Siteground 9.5/10 9.8/10 97% $3.95 /mo See plansMore Info
7 Cloudways 9/10 8.7/10 95% $10.00 /mo See plans
8 Hostwinds 8.5/10 8.6/10 94% $3.29 /mo See plans
9 iPage 8.5/10 8.6/10 93% $1.99 /mo See plans
10 DigitalOcean 8/10 8.5/10 91% $5.00 /mo See plans
11 Inmotion Hosting 8.3/10 8.4/10 90% $6.39 /mo See plans
12 Hostinger 8/10 8.2/10 89% $0.80 /mo See plans
13 Fatcow 7/10 7.8/10 85% $4.08 /mo See plans
14 Hostmetro 7/10 7.8/10 84% $2.95 /mo See plans
15 Fastcomet 7/10 7.7/10 83% $2.95 /mo See plans
16 Hostpapa 7/10 7.7/10 83% $2.95 /mo See plans

There is a lot of competition in the web hosting industry. Companies go to great lengths to get your business, which is great news for you. One of the most popular ways a web hosting company attracts new customers is with coupon codes.

We put together the best deals, promo codes, and coupons to help get you started with web hosting at an extremely low cost. With our codes, the monthly price of a web hosting plan is minimal, which saves you a remarkable amount of money; money that you can use elsewhere to further grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Redeem A Coupon?

Redeeming your coupon is super easy. Just follow the three-step process below.

  1. Go to our hosting coupons.
  2. Click on the web host you want to sign up with. You will automatically be redirected to their website.
  3. Sign up for a web hosting plan.

It really is that simple! The discount is automatically applied for you as long as you go through Hostingsonar.

How Do Coupons Without Codes Work?

Our team of specialists designed our website to make it easier than ever to gain access to discount codes and coupons for web hosting plans. All you have to do is access your chosen web host through Hostingsonar. The discount and price drop is applied for you.

How Do I Know If My Discount Has Been Activated?

When you go through Hostingsonar and access the corresponding web host’s website, the special discount will be displayed. In most cases, you can easily see what the original price was, and what the new price is with your discount.

What’s the Difference Between Coupon Codes and Promo Codes?

There is no difference! Coupon codes and promo codes are the same.

All Web Hosts Are Not Included in Your List, Why?

We only offer coupon codes for web hosts that we have personally reviewed and determined to be among the best in the industry. We strive to provide our customers with only the best products and wouldn’t feel comfortable promoting a product we wouldn’t use ourselves.

How Do I Know I’m Getting the Best Deal?

We negotiate the unique deals we offer with the top web hosts listed on our websites to ensure we can provide you with the best available discounts.

Is Your List Regularly Updated?

Yes. We are always on the lookout for newer, better deals and update our list as soon as we come across one.

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